When you go to the beach it is important (next to a cute or sexy bikini) to wear nice jewel on your body. Today I wear on my wrist neon hair tie that I own in nearly every color (by primark) and my favorite ring. What do you think about my nails? It was a easy DIY. Basic is the OPI Samoan Sand Nailpolish, the triangles are done with Le Vernis PĂ©riot by Chanel, top coated with Artdeco Protection.

What do you guys think about belly button piercings? I know its not in fashion, but I like it so much! Have anyone a piercing there? Can somebody tell me a little bit more about it?


  1. Love the ring and the matching DIY nails!
    I don't really like belly button piercings, but I guess that's personal..

    Xo - wnyfashion.blogspot.com -

  2. Yes, I think a lot of people have different minds about belly button piercings!
    But I'm super happy that you like my nails! Try it on your own!